Piano, Guitar, Voice, Strings and Woodwinds

Premier Music Studios also offers music lessons on the following instruments: piano, guitar, voice, saxophone, ukelele, baritone ukelele, mandolin and dulcimer.  Contact us to learn more about available lesson times.

Meet our teachers

Anita Tiemeyer - Woodwinds

Anita Tiemeyer has one singular objective for her students, no matter what their age - that is to become well-educated consumers of music for the rest of their lives.  By playing an instrument and participating in a musical group, the student will appreciate music more than a non-music student will.  He/she will not only take pleasure in listening to music, he/she will know why he loves.

On a more immediate level, Miss Tiemeyer's first priority for the music student is to play his/her best in band class.  Working closely with the band directors, she makes sure that the student is prepared for playing and written tests, and that he/she has his/her part ready for the ISSMA organizational contests and school performances.  Students who stay in the lessons quickly get past this part of the lesson, and Miss Teiemeyer will then move on to scales, etudes (workbooks), and solo literature.

In the process, she teaches the pedagogical aspects of the instrument, i.e. how to pay the instrument itself in far greater detail than what the student would learn in band class.  The band director has to deal with a room full of 40 or 50 students, and simply doesn't have the time to spend on each individual student.  By spotting and correcting bad habits such as wrong fingerings, poor embouchure, and incorrect hand positions that have been overlooked in band class, she helps the student with the very fundamental of playing a wind instrument:  having a good, solid, confident sound.

Band directors want as many of their students to take private lessons as possible.  In addition, the students that take private lessons will positively influence their band mates to attain a higher level of playing.  They then become leaders among their peers.

Miss Tiemeyer encourages her students to participate in extra events such as ISSMA contest, All-Region and All-State Bands, and student community groups such as the Indiana Youth Wind Ensemble and the New World Youth Symphony.  She also helps students prepare for auditions to get into music schools at the university level.

Anita makes positive reinforcement and encouragement central to her lessons, while communicating what the student needs to fix as well as what they're doing well.  She sets high standards and wants all her students to do and try their best.  Miss Tiemeyer will help families choose and instrument to purchase or rent, as well help the student with some technical issues with their instrument.

Finally, Anita also welcomes adult students who wish to continue to enjoy their instruments, whether it's for their own pleasure or by playing in any the local venues.

Anita obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in music education from Western Illinois University, and Master's of Music degree from Butler University.  She has maintained a private woodwind's studio in the Indianapolis area since 1993.  Some of the area schools where she has taught private lessons include Pike High School, Ben Davis High School, Lawrence North High School, Center Grove High School, and Brebeuf College Preparatory High School.  She has also taught at countless middle schools.  Miss Teimeyer has been an adjudicator at ISSMA solo and ensemble.  She has played oboe/english horn with orchestras in Anderson, Muncie, Marion, and Lafayette.  She was also oboist/saxophonist with the 539th Air Force Band at Lakeland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

Meagan Johnson - Voice and Alexander Technique

With a life-long interest in the intersection of artistry and education, Meagan Johnson works as an Alexander Technique teacher, choral conductor, voice instructor, singer, and composer.  She holds a Master of Music in voice performance and Bachelor of Music in voice performance and music education, both from Ithaca College.  Following her music studies, Meagan completed a 1600 hour Alexander Technique teacher-certification program at Alexander Technique Urbana (IL).

The Alexander Technique helps people unlearn postural habits of tension that interfere with daily life.  Changing these habits leads not only to healthier posture, but also to reduced chronic pain, improved performance in music, dance, acting and athletics, and mindful poise at work and play.  The Alexander Technique supports the work of musicians, especially those in training-building coordination and skills for effective practice and engaging performance.  Meagan's Alexander Technique studio includes musicians and non-musicians.  Meagan is an adjunct lecturer at the Indiana University School of Jacobs School of Music, where she instructs collegiate and professional-level music students in the Alexander Technique.  She travels regionally to present workshops about the intersection of Alexander Technique with performing arts, health, and education.

As a voice teacher, Meagan guides singers toward free vocal development, drawing on her dual training in Alexander Technique and vocal pedagogy to empower the whole singer for artistry with excellence.  She teachers both traditional voice lessons (30 and 45 minute) as well as unique combination Voice-Alexander Technique lessons (60 minute).  Meagan has appeared in recital and oratorio performances throughout the Midwest, including ​Alexander's Feast and Solomon with the Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana, and is an avid interpreter of 20th century and  new music.  Meagan is active as a choral conductor, and is currently Artistic Director of Indianapolis Women's Chorus.

For more information about Meagan Johnson and the Alexander Technique, please visit www.sound-direction.com.

Tammany Shankle - Voice and Piano

Ms. Shankle has been teaching private voice and piano lessons for ten years in the Indianapolis area.  She specializes in teaching young beginners at the piano (ages 5-7) as well as beginning voice students (8th grade and up).  She has a passion for educating children about all aspects of music from theory to history to performance practice.  Nothing brings her greater joy than to witness an "aha!" moment with her students.  Although she understands that most students do not have the desire to become professional musicians, she teaches with high expectations.  Lessons demanding, but always fun! Topics covered in weekly lessons will include practice technique so that students get the most of their practice time at home.

As a performer, Tammany has remained very active.  She is a classically trained soprano.  She has performed with the University of Maine Singers, the Athena Consort, the University of Maine Opera Workshop, Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Hancock County, and the Penobscot Theatre Company.  Locally, Tammany has served as soprano section leader at Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ and Northminster Presbyterian Church.  She has been a member of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir for four seasons and has performed as a soloist as well.  Favorite roles include Princess Ida (Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess Ida"), Contessa Almaviva "Le Nozze di Figaro," and First Lady, "Die Zauberflote."  Tammany has also been the director of the Celebration Choir (grades K-2) at Northminster Prebyterian Church since 2008.

Tammany holds a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Main and a Master of Music in voice performance from Butler University.  She is excited to be joining the faculty at Premier Music Studio.

JJ Flynn - Guitar, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Mandolin, Dulcimer/Strum Stick and Piano

JJ Flynn brings to us his multiple skills as an instructor on Guitar, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Mandolin, Dulcimer/ Strum Stick and Piano.  As both a performing musician and teacher, JJ has been active in the Indianapolis music scene for well over 20 years.  His background includes studies at IU in Audio Technology and Jazz Composition. 

Additionally, he has recorded a number CDs in diverse styles such as Alternative Rock, Rock, Folk Blues, Blues and Jazz.   JJ firmly believes a music theory foundation is the key to unlocking the potential of students; that everyone can be taught to play an instrument and having a musical or artistic background is not a prerequisite to learning an instrument.    “…Just bring the motivation to every lesson and every practice!”